sábado, fevereiro 28

Depeche Mode

A question of Lust

But just like a child. You make me smile. When you care for me. And you know...

It's a question of lust!
It's a question of trust!

It's a question of not letting

What we've built up

Crumble to dust

It is all of these things and more

That keep up together!

Independence. Is still important for us though (we realise), It's easy to make. The stupid mistake. Of letting go (do you know what I mean).

My weaknesses, You know each and every one (it frightens me). But I need to drink. More than you seem to think. Before I'm anyone's.

+ DEPECHE MODE: I just can't get enough, Tainted love, It's no good, Enjoy the silence..

4 comentários:

ηatalie αfonseca disse...

Question of lust!!
Boa letra! :)*

Luís Silva disse...

Me gusta mucho Depeche Mode ;)

Anônimo disse...

Enjoy the silence :)
Um clássico *

Vale a pena ouvir a versão dos OnMute (Banda Madeirense)» Youtube ;)

♪Nice and Sweet♪ disse...

O que eu adoro esta música!^^